ARISE II: Unleashing America’s Research & Innovation Enterprise

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American Academy of Arts & Sciences

ARISE II: Unleashing America’s Research & Innovation Enterprise tackles a broad set of issues facing the U.S. science and technology community. Although research in science and engineering is integral to America’s health, security, and economic strength, there are persistent challenges to the vitality of this enterprise. Transdisciplinary and trans-sector research is essential to advance scientific discovery; government funding for scientific research is increasingly uncertain; and support for basic curiosity-driven programs, high-risk science, and young investigators is difficult to secure.

ARISE II has two overarching goals: 1) to promote a deep conceptual and functional integration across scientific disciplines; and 2) to foster cooperative, synergistic interactions among academia, government, and the private sector throughout the discovery and development process. If the nation wants to continue to attract both the domestic and international scientific talent required to address the challenges of our time, then we must reevaluate the organization of the U.S. research enterprise. Barriers to collaboration across sectors must also be addressed to ensure that fundamental advances are translated into new products and services.