Annual Awards Ceremony

Apr 11, 2019 |
Cambridge, MA
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The Academy awards 11 prizes to recognize excellence in the sciences and the humanities and a commitment to the ideals of the Academy.The recipients of two prizes were honored at the 2019 Awards Ceremony event on April 11 at the Academy:

Ernest J. Moniz, nuclear physicist and former United States Secretary of Energy, is the recipient of the inaugural Award for Excellence in Public Policy and Public Affairs which was created to recognize excellence, independence and effectiveness in public service.

The Rumford Prize, one of the oldest sciences prizes in America, is being given to six scientists in recognition of their extraordinary contributions related to the invention and refinement of optogenetics: Ernst Bamberg, Ed Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Peter Hegemann, Gero Miesenböck, and Georg Nagel.

In addition, the Academy has announced that Jenny Bulstrode is the recipient of the Sarton Prize for History of Science in recognition of her achievement and promise as an emerging scholar in the field.

The names and accomplishments of past honorees are featured in the Academy's Archives.

Presentation of Award for Excellence in Public Policy
Ash Carter, Ernest Moniz
Presentation of the Rumford Prize
Lucia Rothman-Denes, Edward Boyden