The Forum at the Academy

The Higher Education Forum

The Higher Education Forum is an organization of college and university leaders focused on pressing issues that affect students and schools. It started in 1984 and was based at Columbia, Stanford, Yale, and MIT – as the Forum for the Future of Higher Education – before coming to the Academy in 2022. 

As both a membership organization honoring excellence and a policy institute with projects and publications, the Academy provides a vibrant new home to the Forum. The Academys robust Affiliates program includes more than 70 institutions of higher education and provides a natural audience of deeply invested stakeholders. The Forum, in turn, offers the Academy an opportunity to be nimble and innovative in this area to amplify and add to its existing work in education.

The education-focused work undertaken by the Academy is dedicated to informing policy and practice in support of high-quality educational opportunities for all Americans. Recent projects and publications include sharing research and recommendations for high-quality and equitable undergraduate education, leveraging new developments in the learning sciences, and understanding the vital role that public universities play in America. Issues that involve and affect higher education are found across the Academy’s program areas: including the Academy’s current work on strengthening democracy, promoting arts education, and reimagining our economy.

Undergraduate Education
The Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education prioritized quality, completion, and affordability.
Civic Education
The Our Common Purpose report identifies the importance of higher education in strengthening American democracy.
Higher Education Data
The Humanities Indicators project provides reliable, nonpartisan data - including a focus on higher education.

Learn more about Kimberlee Eberle-Sudré, the Program Director for Education and the Development of Knowledge, at her staff profile.

The Forum at the Academy