Jeffrey Brown

The Influence of Anxiety

Jeffrey Brown: The Influence of Anxiety
Jeffrey Brown

Think about cycles of influence in your life. Who influences you? Who have you left a mark on?

Artist’s Note

“In my work as a journalist, I ask artists of all kinds about where their art comes from. Often enough, they tell me that their inspiration comes from the act of looking at, listening to, and reading the works of artists that have come before. I talk to songwriters who listen to others, painters who look at artists of the past, and  writers who were readers first. I wrote this poem thinking about my own comings to art, and about the endless cycle of influence and creativity. The poem, called The Influence of Anxiety, begins in a museum exhibition. And just so you know, when I refer to someone named P, that is my wife.”

About the Artist

Jeffrey Brown, a member of the Commission on the Arts, is the chief correspondent for arts, culture and society at PBS NewsHour.

Jeffrey Brown

PBS NewsHour
Commission Member

Additional Notes

Excerpt from THE NEWS: POEMS by Jeffrey Brown. Copyright © 2015 by Jeffrey Brown. Excerpted by permission of Cooper Canyon Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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