John Legend

Conversations in the Dark

Conversations in the Dark
John Legend

Think about the people you love, despite their flaws and imperfections.

Artist’s Note

“My recent album 'Bigger Love' is emblematic of the happiness and sorrow we have all endured in the last year. In many ways, it’s my most joyful album, with songs like Conversations in the Dark exploring the love I feel when I’m surrounded by my family and community. In other ways, it’s a marker of how much work there’s left to do in the world. I recorded the album entirely remotely because of the pandemic. And, shortly before the album's release, we witnessed the death of George Floyd and the urgent protests that followed. While the need for change is ongoing, my hope is that we can find and share enduring sources of joy and uplift. For me, that is in song.”

About the Artist

John Legend, a member of the Academy, is a singer, songwriter, pianist, actor and producer. 

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