Yo-Yo Ma

Bach Cello Suite No. 3 “Sarabande”

#SongsOfComfort: Bach Cello Suite No. 3 "Sarabande"
Yo-Yo Ma

What art do you turn to in times of sorrow or loss? 

Artist’s Note

“This is dedicated to the healthcare workers on the frontlines — the Sarabande from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 3. Your ability to balance human connection and scientific truth in service of us all gives me hope.

“This video was originally released on March 2020, as part of the #SongsOfComfort project, which I launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide comfort in a time of anxiety and fear. I am grateful to the thousands of people around the world who uploaded their own songs of comfort in the months that followed.”

About the Artist

Yo-Yo Ma, a member of the Academy, is a cellist.

Yo-Yo Ma

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