Deterrence and New Nuclear States


Building on the Academy’s long history of studies on arms control, Meeting the Challenges of the New Nuclear Age is a two-phase project that seeks to articulate a new framework for governing relations among the existing nine nuclear weapons states. Phase One, chaired by Robert Legvold and Christopher Chyba, is exploring security dynamics emerging from nuclear relations among three main players: the United States, Russia, and China.

The project’s second phase, Deterrence and New Nuclear States, focuses on regional and sub-regional nuclear dynamics that could further destabilize a precarious nuclear order.

The goal of this phase is to produce an edited volume of innovative and policy-relevant essays on challenges created by the emergence of “new” nuclear weapons states such as North Korea, and potential proliferators, such as Iran. The study will also explore de facto nuclear weapons states, including India, Pakistan, and Israel, that operate outside of any established multilateral nuclear frameworks such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Nuclear Suppliers Group. Chapters commissioned for the edited volume will explore a range of themes, including emerging technologies and crisis stability; social media and crisis dynamics; multipolar nuclear interactions; and how we should define when a state “becomes” a nuclear weapons state.

The forthcoming edited volume will be accompanied by a series of outreach activities aimed at nuclear policymakers (primarily in the United States) and academic centers and think tanks with a specific focus on nuclear studies.



Project Chairs
Advisory Committee

Robert Jervis

Columbia University
Aldlai E. Stevenson Prof of International Politics
Academy Member

Barry R. Posen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Director, MIT Security Studies Program; Ford International Professor of Political Science
Academy Member
Project Staff

Melissa Chan

Program Coordinator for Global Security and International Affairs
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News & Updates