The Global Security and International Affairs program area draws on the expertise of policy-makers, practitioners, and scholars to foster knowledge and inform innovative and more sustainable policies to address crucial issues affecting a global community.

The Academy has been a leader in this field for seven decades through publications, projects, and working groups that have shaped national policies and priorities. Today’s Committee on International Security Studies (CISS) carries on the values and vision of CISS that have shaped formative Dædalus issues since 1960 and that guided a dozen past projects on arms control.

Work underway in this area now engages with pressing strategic, development, and moral questions that underpin relations among people, communities, and states worldwide. Each initiative embraces a broad conception of security as the interaction among human, national, and global security imperatives. Recommendations made are intended to move beyond the idea of security as the absence of war toward higher aspirations of collective peace, development, and justice.

Chair of the Committee on International Security Studies
Committee on International Security Studies

Neta C. Crawford

Boston University
Academy Staff Contact