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Joni Aldrich
Director of Catering Operations

(617) 576-5062

Ruth Band
Executive Assistant to the President

(617) 576-5003

Phyllis S. Bendell
Director of Publications, Managing Editor of Dædalus

(617) 576-5085

Dan Borchelt
Accounting Manager

(617) 576-5025

Maggie Boyd
Associate Archivist

(617) 441-6128

Natalia Carbullido
Operations Assistant

(617) 441-6183

Susan Chudd
Manager of Human Resources and Organizational Development
; for employment inquiries
(617) 576-5092


Daniel Cuzzolino
Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives

(617) 576-5070


Steven W. Dansby
Director of Finance

(617) 576-5028

Cory Diamond
Chief Advancement Officer

(617) 576-5037

Joseph Dumer
Network Administrator

(617) 441-6110

Paul Erickson
Program Director for The Humanities, Arts, and Culture;
and American Institutions, Society, and the Public Good

(617) 576-5082

Jonathan F. Fanton

(617) 576-5010
View the Academy President Page
Visit Jonathan Fanton’s personal website

Gabriela Farrell
Program Coordinator for The Humanities, Arts, and Culture;
and American Institutions, Society, and the Public Good

(617) 576-5093

Alison Franklin
Chief Communications Officer

(617) 576-5043


Carolyn Fuqua
Senior Research Associate, Humanities Indicators

(202) 266-3490

Hannah Gersten
Membership Engagement Associate

(617) 576-5095

Francesca Giovannini
Program Director for Global Security and International Affairs

(617) 576-5083


Darshan Goux
Program Officer for American Institutions, Society, and the Public Good

(617) 441-6141

Kristin L. Gustafson
Director of Membership Information and Elections

(617) 576-5017


Geoff Jewett
Facilities Manager

(617) 576-5039

Kristin Josti
Events Coordinator

(617) 576-5032


Erica Kimmerling
Hellman Fellow in Science and Technology Policy

(617) 576-5084

Michele Lavoie
Director of Archives

(617) 441-6128


Peter Ljutich
Research Associate

(617) 576-5031


Joanne Manning
Manager of Financial Analysis

(617) 576-5046

Laurie McDonough
Morton L. Mandel Director of Membership Engagement

(617) 441-6172


Courtney McLean
Communications Associate

(617) 441-6188

Kathryn Moffat
Program Associate for Global Security and International Affairs

(617) 576-5005


Kerridan “Kerry” Ann Murphy
Executive Administrative Coordinator

(617) 576-5040

Mark Murphy
Associate Director of Development, Director of Institutional Giving

(617) 576-5049

Beth Niegelsky
Program Associate for Education and the Development of Knowledge

(617) 441-6117

David Pearson
Associate Director of Development; Director of the Annual Fund

(617) 576-5015

Judith Polgar
Director of Events

(617) 576-5061

Francesca Purcell
Program Director for Education and the Development of Knowledge

(617) 576-5021

John Randell
John E. Bryson Director of Science, Engineering, and Technology Programs
Senior Program Director and Advisor to the President

(617) 576-5029


Scott Raymond
Creative Lead

(617) 576-5006

Theresa M. Rice
Development Operations and Database Manager

(617) 576-5057

Brendan Roach
Morton L. Mandel Presidential Fellow

(617) 441-6125


Mark Robinson
Chief Operating Officer

(617) 576-5023


Peter Robinson
Morton L. Mandel Director of Strategic Implementation

(617) 441-6186

Greg Savageau
Program Associate for Science, Engineering, and Technology

(617) 441-6124

Heather M. Struntz
Assistant Editor

(617) 441-6118

Emmanuel J. Tellez
Membership Information & Elections Coordinator

(617) 576-5089

John Tessitore
Senior Program Advisor

(617) 576-5002

Robert B. Townsend
Director, Washington DC Office

(202) 266-3941


Peter Walton
Associate Editor

(617) 576-5019


Jennie Wood
Development Associate

(617) 576-5038


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Founded during the American Revolution by John Adams, James Bowdoin, John Hancock, and other prominent contributors to the establishment of the new nation, the Academy has a rich intellectual history spanning more than 230 years.

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