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Timely research and publications are central to the Academy’s mission to promote useful knowledge and advance the public good. As an independent research center, the Academy is known for multidisciplinary, nonpartisan research that provides pragmatic solutions for complex challenges.

The Academy brings together scholars, artists, policy-makers, business leaders, and other experts to examine the most pressing problems facing our world. Often, the Academy’s influential studies help pioneer new fields that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Active outreach efforts ensure that Academy findings and proposals reach policy-makers and leaders in government, higher education, business, and philanthropy. The Academy shares its research and recommendations through publications, meetings and events, and domestic and international policy forums.

Academy projects are grouped into several areas of study. The descriptions that follow do not bound the Academy’s work, and indeed the Academy sometimes undertakes projects that do not fit neatly into a single category. No matter the topic, the Academy emphasizes the need for interdisciplinary study that draws on expertise from many fields of research and professional practice. Furthermore, Academy studies take a global perspective while retaining the deep interest in the strength of American policies and institutions that has guided the organization’s work for over two centuries.

Science, Engineering, and Technology

Analyzing the impact of advances in science, engineering, and technology and helping society make meaningful use of new scientific and technical knowledge.

Global Security and International Affairs

Engaging with strategic, development, and moral questions that underpin global issues and relations among people, communities, and states worldwide.

Education and the Development of Knowledge

Informing policy and practice in support of high-quality, lifetime educational opportunities for all Americans.

The Humanities, Arts, and Culture

Advancing the humanities in academic scholarship and in the public sector, displaying the importance of the arts in society, and enriching the nation’s cultural life.

American Institutions, Society,
and the Public Good

Advancing the state of scholarship about the nation’s institutions and developing innovative solutions to problems facing American society.

Project Areas

Considerations for
Selecting Academy Studies

Project Publications

Academy projects often generate publications – from research papers and monographs to full issues of Dædalus – many of which are available to the public in full format and at no cost. Look for publications listed with each project or go to our publications page to view the range of available material.

Supporting the Next Generation

The Academy supports the next generation of scholars and policy-makers through two fellowship programs: the Visiting Scholars Program and the Hellman Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy.

Find out more or apply now.